November 28, 2014

Merry Pre-Christmas everyone!
Here is this year's Christmas song: Christmas in December.
Please listen and please share widely. I hope you like it.
Enjoy Christmas!

April 12, 2014

Check out this new tune by my new band Alternate Kurt!
Fucking Fifty.
Please listen and feel free to download and share the song if you like. I hope you like it.
And here's a little video performance Next time I leave - live at the office Enjoy easter!

December 03, 2013

Christmas time is here!
Here's my contribution to this year's Christmas spirit Jingledy Bingledy Bong this is a Christmas song
Please listen and feel free to download and share the song if you like. I hope you like it.
Enjoy your weeks till Christmas.

October 24, 2013

Here's a new song!
Master of the bridge
Feel free to download and share.
More news soon

January 3, 2013

Happy new year!
As stated a couple of weeks ago, my new CD 'Take aim' is out. It is now available on CdBaby.com here. If you are interested you can also purchase downloads here, or wait until the music is available at your favorite digital music site - and that should be now, or very soon.
I hope your year gets off to a good start - and I hope to be posting up interesting things in the upcoming months.

December 18, 2012

I am pleased to announce the release of my new CD 'Take aim'. Recorded live - with added vocal and guitar tracks - in record time, it features 10 brand new songs that will hopefully appeal. It will be available for sale within the next two or three weeks, but you are welcome to head over to the mp3-section to have a listen - I trust anyone who comes here will know the new songs from the old.
And if you're looking for more excellent music check out James Geier's new record: God, the others and me - it's well worth it!

October 22, 2012

I have finally updated the page. Hopefully everything is up and functioning again as it should. Some links have been removed, some have been added. There's a flash player on the mp3-page that now lets you play all of the songs. I would also like to announce the production of a new record. "Take Aim" is currently being recorded.
Another really exciting piece of news is the release of my brother James Geier's new record: God, the others and me - check it out!

February 01 2009

Hi. I apologise - it has been an incredible one and a half years since I've taken time to write a few lines. This is disgraceful and of course not at all professional. Sadly I have been too busy to ride the wave of my immense popularity. I must also admit that Sweet Apples has not made me the rich person I deserve to be - nevertheless I am well aware of the fact that fame and wealth may be just around the corner. There is little to report in regards to my music, although I am already thinking about my next CD-project, which is to consist of very basic "live" tracks - just me and my guitar. I'll try to keep things up ;)

July 23 2007

Hi Everyone. Check out the links page if you've got the time. Should you come across a dead link I'd appreciate you dropping me a line telling me about it. Here's a brand new link to a cool new swing band from Germany: Hot Club Harmonists Check them out!
And go by the mp3 page here. The songs are only 0.88$ per mp3-file and only 0.77$ per WMA-file.

July 06 2007

Hello again. Once more there have been some changes to the site. The most important is the mp3 page. You can now listen into and buy any of the songs from the two albums through the Payplay players there. Check it out here. The songs are only 0.88$ per mp3-file and only 0.77$ per WMA-file. Feel free to listen in and perhaps buy one or two ;). Apart from that it is obvious that the site has again gone through some minor re-design. Hope you like it.

May 28 2007

As is obvious there have been some changes to the site. The most prominent: Current news will now be presented on the front page, while past postings will be kept available in the news-section.
You will notice the three squares on the right: they link up directly to a "Snocap"-shop/player that allows you to buy mp3's directly (Sweet Apples not available there yet - but soon), my sales site with CdBaby and my myspace-site. Check it out, I aim to keep a regular blog.

May 15 2007

"Sweet Apples" is out!!!
"Sweet Apples" is now available on iTunes. Check the mp3 section or click here to go there directly.

1 May 2007

"Sweet Apples" is out!!!
The CD can now be purchased for 9.99 $ via CDBaby - THE place on the net for music by independent artists. Click here!

23 April 2007

"Sweet Apples" is out!!!
Info has been added to the CD page. Sound samples can be listened to on the mp3 page - the song "Times Like These" is available for free download, so check it out. The lyrics to the new songs have been added to the lyrics page. As you may also have noticed, there have been some very minor changes to the site as a whole.

As already stated below, sales via CdBaby should be up and running very soon - so get your wallets ready!

I'll keep you posted.

17 April 2007

"Sweet Apples" is out!!!
Check the site in the next weeks for details. I will be uploading information, soundbites and lyrics in the next couple of days.
Sales via CdBaby should be up and running within two weeks.
I'll keep you posted.

19 March 2007

It's been a long long time - and once again I'm terribly sorry...busy.... But there is good news. Very good news:
My new CD "Sweet Apples" is completed. Finished. Ready!!!
Scheduled to be released on April 17, the new album features 11 brand new songs that are bound to absolutely blow you away!
Of course, the only way you are truly going to find out is if you buy this excellent collection of tunes. Naturally there will be some soundbites to check out in the mp3-section, as well as one or two songs for free download, but there's nothing better than the whole disk to make you and me happy ;)

The CD has already been described as follows: "Rooted in folk and reaching far into the realm of slow melodious pop, Sweet Apples takes emotion, sweetness, poetry and humor and weaves them together into a sensationally smooth countyesque 60 minute album". Sounds pretty good to me, though I say so myself.
All you have to to now is be patient for another month - then it is yours for the taking...that is...buying.

More news to follow soon (in April at the latest).

05 September 2006

It's been a while - sorry, been really busy. The new CD has been on hold for a couple of weeks, but recording will resume within the week. The release is still scheduled for this year - but it will be close.
The buying process has been made easier: check out the CD page - and buy the CD...what else are you going to spend your money on?
The music has been available over iTunes as well for some time now, there is a link on he mp3 page - check it out if you like. And feel free to leave a message in the guestbook. Be back soon!

13 March 2006

Finally - and solely due to my Brother Andrew - my guestbook is online. Hope some of you will write a few words.

01 March 2006

Production of the new CD "Sweet Apples" is coming along well. Writing was completed in December and recording began in January. I'm hoping to finish the recording process by early summer. Mixing and mastering should take me through the summer with a targeted realease in early Autumn.
Hope there is still someone around who wants to hear it by then ;)

31 December 2005

A belated merry Christmas to all. And also a very good year 2006!

October 23rd 2005

Hello everyone. Work on the new album is progressing. Writing is almost done and I'm hoping to proceed with recording by the beginning of December. Depending on my (world renowned) disipline, things will then move very quickly.
Don't forget to take a look in the links section - new links are added every now and then - it's worth it!

May 13th 2005

Added some links in the links section.

May 5th 2005

Hello everyone.
The mp3 section of the site has been revised. Due to a lack of demand, the QMZ has been shut down. Mp3 files can now be bought directly through mp3tunes.com

April 22nd 2005

Hello everyone.
"Raintracks" is now also for sale on www.bathtubmusic.com. Click here to check out and buy "raintracks".
Another new song has been completed called "call me levelheaded".

March 16th 2005

Hello dear listeners.
Just writing to say that work on some new songs is coming along nicely. Two new songs have been completed: one is called "Sweet apples", the other "Times like these are for days like this". Recording will begin later in the year, as soon as I have finished writing the material for the next album.

February 11th 2005

Hello all!
Single songs from raintracks are now available for purchase online. The new mp3 site Mp3tunes.com exclusively features cdbaby artists. Click here to get to their raintracks selection.

January 19th 2005

Hello all!
I'm afraid I have some uncomfortable news: As of today there are only a couple of songs left for free download in the mp3 section. I'm afraid this step has become necessary in order to make the idea of giving me money more appealing to my listeners. Please please buy the music ;) - I can't live on air alone.

Otherwise: there are a couple of new songs developing nicely...and quite possibly not all of them will be depressing.

December 30th 2004

Another quick information update!
The CD is now not only available from CdBaby.com and soundoo.com, but also from UK based distributor getmemusic.com. So if - as a British citizen - you've been thinking it's not worth buying the CD because of shipping costs, think again ;).
Happy New Year!!!

December 25th 2004

Merry Christmas everyone!!!
Just a quick update: The CD is now not only available from CdBaby.com but also from the new Europe based music distributer soundoo.com. So if - as a European - you've been thinking it's not worth buying the CD because of shipping costs, think again ;).
Happy New Year!!!

December 10th 2004

The CD is out now!!!
Click here for details. As of this moment, each and everyone of you is most welcome to BUY MY CD - buy it for yourselves, for your girlfriends, boyfriends, brothers, sisters, fathers, mothers, grandparents, friends, cousins - anyone and everyone.
Momentarily, the CD is available for purchase on cdbaby.com. Although this (fantastic) distributer is situated in the USA, purchase is NO PROBLEM at all from most anywhere in the world. Nevertheless, I am (practically as I write) currently searching for further distributers in various areas to enable purchasing closer to (your) home. Very soon to be implemented is the sale in Great Britain via www.getmemusic.com.

As I am sure you have also noticed, there have been some changes to the website. The most noticable are the changes in the mp3 section. From now on, songs will be available in two levels of quality - the higher quality, alas, not being available for free any longer (I am sorry for this - but everything is costing me money and it's not exactly flowing in...). Every song is still available for free in 96Kbps. Anyone wanting maximum quality (320Kbps) needs to follow the instructions...pay once, and download any song (and any new song to be released in future) you like as often as you like.
That's it for now...buy my cd...give it to people for Christmas...

November 16th 2004

Hello all!
The CD has gone to press!!!
In roughly two to three weeks it will be available here on the website - distributed by cdbaby.com, an online CD Store for independent music of every type imaginable.
I advise you to check it out, it's well worth it.
With the release of the CD there will also be some more or less minor changes being made to the website - so don't forget to come round!

September 29th 2004

Mixing has been completed!
The final Mix is done. I am currently checking out various Mastering Studios for offers on Mastering.
Other than that there have been some Updates on the Links page and a few minor changes to the site.

August 11th 2004

Recording has been completed!
The first rough mix is currently being test-heard by trusted ears. The final mix should be done by the middle of September. Final mastering will hopefully be completed a month later.

March 9th 2004

The Production of a CD has begun!
Along with the new recordings I am also currently reworking the old ones. The CD will hopefully be released within the next 4-5 months and will be available for ordering on this site. Of course all of the new songs will be available for download a soon as they have been completed.

January 22nd 2004

A belated Happy New Year to all!
The promised recordings are still awaiting.
Unfortunately it has once again taken me longer to get around to them than expected - but I have begun recording.

Other than that I've added some links.

November 16th 2003

I've been a little busy :)
There are four new recordings awaiting:
- Nothing to my dread
- I'm Slow
- Autumn
- Heaven past Eleven
I'll get around to the recording within the next week or so.

I've added the lyrics to "Inertia" to the lyrics page

I've reviewed the Linkspage.

July 15th 2003

Offline for a couple of days - a change in provider. Sorry.
The Mp3 Files will be back online on Thursday 17th

May 26th 2003

Here's a new song.
Excerpt: Inertia
Full Mp3 File: Inertia

Hope you like it.

April 21st 2003

This is (obviously) the first entry in the new "News" section of my site. The plan is to keep anyone who is interested up to date concerning this site and of course my music.
There is admittedly not much to tell. There are two new songs (and possibly some old ones as well) waiting to be recorded and uploaded. I expect to get around to that sometime in may or june.
I have added a link to the amusing website of the equally amusing band "Ween".

That is basically it for today...but for one thing:
I'd like to take the chance to encourage those of you who like (or hate for that matter) my music, to give me feedback. It is very hard to judge the resonance concerning my music by viewing website stats. So get in touch if you like: kurt@raintracks.com

I guess that's it for today.